Why Train?

Why Train? Dogs, by nature, are pack animals with a well defined social order. When you train your dog, you assume the alpha role (pack leader) as his master. It is not cruel to train a dog, It is actually unkind to deprive him of the discipline he would receive from his pack leader. Your […]

Contraband Detection Dogs

What is a contraband detector dog? Canine contraband detection is the utilization of scent-trained canines to detect the presence of prohibited items such as firearms and illegal drugs. We exclusively train non aggressive k9s with good temperaments that are gentle and people friendly. Our K9s are trained to be passive indicators, meaning when the presents […]

Levels of Training

Level 1 Training Actual Training for Level 1 Protection Dog’s may vary, but normally is as follows: Level 1 Obedience: Manners (the Level 1 Family Protection Dog is tame, and is normally very polite when around people and other animals); Sit-Stay (on-leash; the dog will sit on command and stay in the sit until given […]