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Why Train?

Why Train?

Dogs, by nature, are pack animals with a well defined social order. When you train your dog, you assume the alpha role (pack leader) as his master. It is not cruel to train a dog, It is actually unkind to deprive him of the discipline he would receive from his pack leader. Your dog needs to know the rules of the house in order to become part of your family circle and bond with his master.

  • To deepen the bond between you and your dogs, and to increase the enjoyment, companionship and satisfaction of the relationship with your dog
  • To provide for the safety and happiness of your dog
  • To develop a good canine citizen for the benefit of your family, neighborhood and community

Learning the basic commands sit, down, walk on a leash, and come when called are essential for the dog to become an enjoyable, well-mannered companion. Every dog is different. Some are hyperactive, others are laid-back, a few are shy and submissive and need more self-confidence, while others may be dominant. Some have common behavioral problems such as jumping on people, digging, barking, chewing, etc. The time taken to train your dog is small considering the results.

Your reward – a special companion for life!

Alpha House K9s is devoted to helping you achieve a wonderful relationship with your dog. Dogs are capable of doing much more than people give them credit for. Please let us help you realize your dog’s full potential.

How to be an Alpha to your dog!

Dogs are highly social animals. In order to survive as a pack there needs to be some structure. When your dog comes into the household you need to develop a relationship were the dog understands that you are at the top of the pack. The leader of the pack is often referred to as the Alpha. The Alpha dog is not a dog who controls the pack by intimidation and aggression. A true pack leader is fair, trusted, and consistent.

Becoming the Alpha is not done by force and intimidation. Instead we want to control the activities that are important to your dog. Dogs are dogs and do not think like humans, you will need to understand canine behavior. Not being the Alpha can lead to problems.

There are four steps to becoming Alpha–the four steps are:

1. Control the game–control your dog.

When you play with your dog always make sure that you are in charge. If you play tug, always make sure that you win the tug game. Don’t let your dog pull the toy away from you. If your dog likes to steal socks, keep a leash on your dog in the house. This way when your dog steals the socks and takes off, all you need to do is step on the leash and stop the game.

2. Sit and down stays are great to do at feeding times

Feed your dog once or twice a day. Have your dog do a short sit-stay for meals. This way you communicate that you are in charge of the food and feeding times.

3. Make sure your dog understands that you are in charge of sleeping areas

If you allow your dog on the furniture it should only be done if invited. If you dogs gets on the furniture without an invitation have them get off. I would suggest never letting your dog sleep in your bed, your dog has to understand that you are in control of the sleeping areas.

4. Control the social contact between you and your dog

A lot of dogs will nudge their owners with their head or paw, or bark to get attention. If your dog does this push your dog away and ignore, when your dog is behaving appropriately invite your dog over for some attention. You can have your dog perform a quick command like “Sit” or “Down.” This way you are in control of the social contact.