Contraband Detection Dogs

What is a contraband detector dog?

Canine contraband detection is the utilization of scent-trained canines to detect the presence of prohibited items such as firearms and illegal drugs. We exclusively train non aggressive k9s with good temperaments that are gentle and people friendly. Our K9s are trained to be passive indicators, meaning when the presents of a contraband odor is detected these dogs are trained to sit and stare at the source of the odor. By being a passive indicator this will greatly reduce any chance of damage to property. These dogs are trained to sniff lockers, classrooms, parking lots and any other locations within a school, business or home.

Why is canine contraband detection becoming more common?

The increasing number of incidents involving drugs and public violence has necessitated a growing need for increased safety and security. The harsh reality is that illegal narcotics, abused medications, and also weapons are pervasive in schools, and account for most work-related injuries.

Who can benefit from Contraband Detection Services?

Contraband Detection Service for Schools:

The use of our highly trained dogs to determine the presence of Narcotics / Contraband is the most efficient, economical, and reliable means available. A means which has been determined by the U.S. Supreme Court not to be a violation of 4th Amendment rights involving illegal search and seizure. Under these programs, our clientele are afforded the opportunity to deal with these issues in a timely, discreet manner, while achieving a position of implementing and maintaining a safe, DRUG FREE environment.

The K9 team’s presence will definitely send a positive and dramatic message to your students. As you are well aware, communication within a student body on any given campus is the envy of all telecommunication companies throughout the country. Once that K9s are known to be on campus the entire school and most surrounding campuses will be aware of the searches taking place by the detection team(s). This in itself will act as a significant deterrent for possession of contraband throughout the district.

AHK9s recommends short unannounced, surprise inspections in four hour intervals. You and your campus staff would coordinate with AHK9s and determine which days(s) and hours the inspections would have the most significant impact. AHK9swould be deployed to your district on an as needed basis. Our K9 teams are trained and certified to detect the following odors: Smokeless powder &black powder, both are commonly used in constructing pipe bombs and /or other improvised explosive devices as well as firearms, ammunition and fireworks. Narcotic odors detected include: Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, and Methamphetamine, their derivatives and associated paraphernalia.

Commercial Services

In today’s society, the possession of Illegal Narcotics in the workplace has become one of the greatest issues which management teams must address. Employees carry various amounts of these substances into the workplace for personal use while on the job, as well as offering them for sale to their co-workers.

From the management perspective, productivity begins to falter. Tardiness increases, leading to absenteeism at an increasing rate, followed by a marked increase in work-related violence.

AHK9s provides the Employer, Administrator, or Designee with a competent, professional, and confidential means of addressing these issues, while maintaining a positive public impression of your facility.


Drugs in your Home?

Many parents simply question their children concerning the use of narcotics.

We offer a confidential, efficient, reliable means available to you for determining the presence of illegal drugs within your home. We work for you, allowing you to remain “In Charge” of decisions and options available to deal with these issues.

If you are concerned about the possible presence of these substances within your home, the use of our services provides you the opportunity to determine the presence of these products in a safe, discreet, and confidential manner.

What can AHK9s’ Contraband Detection Service do for you?

Our contraband detection programs minimize the impact on workplace productivity and at the same time send an effective message throughout the organization. We can tailor a cost-effective program to meet your specific needs. After an initial site survey, we will work with you to:

  • Develop an action plan that is right for your business
  • Determine the most efficient method of inspection
  • Providing canine contraband detection services to local schools and businesses and homes.
  • Helping to keep students and employees safe.
  • Meeting with administrators, parents, teachers and kids—as well as business managers and law enforcement officials.
  • Providing a vital service to your community.
  • Send a message to students, parents and the community that a school has initiated a proactive position regarding the presence of prohibited items.
  • Eliminate the need to “lock down” a campus there by minimizing the interruption of the educational process.
  • As a private agency, we provide service to your locations without the challenges faced when law enforcement officers are present. As a private agency, we provide service to your locations without the same challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.