Good news! As you know I’ve been feeding Angel with 2 bowls & throwing in treats. When she is done with both bowls I have a treat in my hand and I am able to pick up the bowls right in front of her & give her the treat at the same time. No snarling or growling. Michele ~ Iowa City

Angel seems to be growing up! She is now 8 months old, we are continuing using 2 bowls for food and throwing treats in, then giving her a treat when I pick up the bowl, I pick up the bowl right in front of her without a problem. We tell her to leave it when she goes after something and for the most part she obeys. It’s been a slow process, but she has made a lot of improvement. Thanks so much for all the help is year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Michele ~ Iowa City

Thank you for of your help with Buddy. When we started your program, Buddy was on his ‘last leash’ as his aggressive behavior was bordering on dangerous for us. Even after 2-years and various other programs and trainers. He was a foster dog that had been through a trying experience with previous homes and chronic kenneling that left him poorly socialized. Within the initial 7-week Alpha House course we noticed a huge difference in Buddy’s behavior towards us and gained almost complete control over subsequent months/years of continued work that has developed him into a loving household member (we have since adopted him from Rescue). The open training sessions on Tuesday nights has helped immensely with his socialization to others in the class. Our work with Robin has also allowed for a dependable place for him to be boarded as well, where we know he will be safe and well-behaved and well cared for. Thank you for saving Buddy’s life!
Paul & Robin Morris

When we inherited our giant schnauzer, Isaac, last winter we knew he was a good dog. Isaac is gentle but also has lots of energy. He had been raised in a larger city, and his new environment on Iowa acreage provided some challenges for him and us. It was difficult for Isaac to be outside without wanting to chase all of the chipmunks, squirrels, and deer traveling through our backyard. We knew Isaac had some training, but we didn’t know to what extent or what commands had been used. We were so appreciative of Robin’s help.  He showed us how to work with Isaac so he could be outside in our yard and not be so consumed with the other four legged creatures. Due to his gentle and encouraging manner, Robin was exactly the type of trainer we were looking for to help us. His method of positive reinforcement made every class enjoyable for Isaac and us. It was amazing how Isaac seemed to know when Robin was coming for class and was so excited to see him. We appreciated Robin coming to our home at convenient times for class and focusing on Isaac’s needs. Isaac seems more engaged and responsive with us and our friends because of the connections he made during Robin’s training. We would highly recommend Robin for any type of dog and “people” training!
Catherine Young and Kathy Keifer ~ Iowa City

Dear Robin,
Just a note to tell you how deeply we appreciated all your great training with our German shepherd puppy, Hans! You really got us going in the right direction with him. He now heels “off-leash” with even my daughter; when we started he was had become difficult to walk on a leash to the point where even I didn’t enjoy it much (constant pulling on the leash and aggression to other dogs). We especially appreciated how you trained my family and myself to understand Han’s perspective. We also appreciated your teaching a firm but kind approach. It was clear you really know dogs, people, and how to teach a family! We thank God for your help!
John, Sara and Molly, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Rebecca Brownell ~ Hiawatha

Mr. Moulds,
We are delighted with the training you provided for US and for our dog, Teddy. You can train the dog to do your bidding, but your technique made it possible for us to continue training using your technique and our little dog, once a “terrorist”, is now a loved member of our family and doing so very well with his feline siblings. Your kind yet firm technique is truly effective and remarkable. Teddy was delighted to see you every week and he learned so much in those sessions. The entire program is invaluable to any dog owner. Best of luck to you. We truly appreciate all you did for our family.
Cary and Kristin Beatty ~ North Liberty

We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication with training our German Shepherd, Jaz. Only 2 short months ago Jaz was presenting us with numerous challenges every day. We had difficulty taking her on walks, as she would pull on the leash and be easily distracted by anything around her.

She lacked basic manners, such as jumping on us when she would get excited and play biting when she wanted attention. She was also very anxious and aggressive towards all guests that entered our home. In the past we would be forced to keep her outside or closed in a bedroom when guests would arrive.

I am so pleased to say that Jaz has made tremendous improvement in all of these areas and in addition, we are now able to walk her on public trails without being nervous about her attacking people or other dogs. Your training program was a tremendous success and our home is much more relaxed now that Jaz knows that WE are in control. Thanks again!
Mike Brown and Shirean Ealy ~ Hiawatha